Young Bull S/T
Shadow Witch "Disciples of the Crow"
Online Album Cover for Rob Blasko's "Volume Forever 2017" Spotify Playlist
Hell Camino "La Strada per l'Inferno"
Forming The Void "Relic"
Chained Lace "Morbid Fascination"
Rain Devil S/T
Dirtwolf "Voyage of the Damned"
Wo Fat "Midnight Cometh"
Heavy Stone "Black Magic"
Blind Samson "From Darkness Into Light"
Wo Fat "Midnight Cometh" (Gatefold Art)
Hendrix:Electric Ladyland (Redux)
Wo Fat "Live JuJu: Wo Fat at Freak Valley"
Wo Fat "Live JuJu: Wo Fat at Freak Valley" (Insert)
The Vintage Caravan "Arrival"
Thunder Gut (S/T)
Buzzard "Carrion"
Goya/Wounded Giant split
Daywalker s/t
The Dead Roots [S/T]
Beelzefuzz "II: The Righteous Bloom"
Tempelheks "Serpents Gods and Men"
Canaan (S/T)
Workhorse III "Closer to Relevance"
The Rare Breed "Looking For Today"
Hearserider s/t
Ironaut (S/T)
Grim Reefer "Beerflow"
Gorgantherron "Second Sun"
Earth Witch "Out of The Shallow"
Fuck The Fitzroy Doom Scene (S/T)
Dragon's Bane "Servants"
Protest "The Invisible Hand, Pt1: We Never Sleep"
Bastard Lord "Cosmic Tomb"
Metaholic (S/T)
Blackwulf "Oblivion Cycle"
Doomstress "Wicked Woman"
U.S. Price S/T
Lowburn "Doomsayer"
Cobra Jab "Deer Woman"
Superchief "Trophy Room"
Stars that Move (S/T)
Jack The Radio "Badlands"
Plissken "Children of the Night"
Gyre (S/T)
Lord Vapour "Mill Street Blues"
Cortez "The Depths Below"
Dylan Stewart & The Eulogists "Giving Up the Ghost"
Moonbow "War Bear"
The Blue Sunshine Family Band (S/T)
Iron Trap "Instincts"
The W Likes (S/T)
Bad Acid "Revelations of the Third Eye"
Chiefs "Tommorow's Over"
Skinkage "Tyrants"
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